News and Projects

Surface Enrichment Treatment Project

JetBlack was developed to provide airports and councils with an alternative option to resealing aged pavements and thereby, extending their life. JetBlack is a blend of: premium bitumen emulsion (high solids, polymer modified, stabilised), special additives and mineral filler. When applied, the aged asphalt looks almost new because of the black colour and the voids are filled with mineral filler. The bitumen emulsion is modified with a number of performance enhancing additives to enrich and extend the life of the pavement. JetBlack is recommended for asphalt and spray seals.

The polymer modified bitumen binder adheres to the existing asphalt surface and holds the mineral filler in place. The binder also replaces the bitumen lost during the ageing process. The mineral filler replaces the asphalt’s lost fine aggregate and assists in retaining large aggregate articles in the asphalt surface. This enhanced formula means that JetBlack lasts longer and performs at a higher standard. The combination of binder and fine aggregate replacement provides a critical life-extending treatment for all segregated, eroded and aged asphalt surfaces. JetBlack can help delay the need for asphalt overlay by up to five years by assisting to maintain a debris free runway for safe airfield operations.

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Airport Lighting Upgrade

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport has commenced an Airport Lighting Upgrade project to undertake the design and installation of new Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights and a new Airport Lighting Control System complete with Pilot Activated Lighting (PAL). The new Runway Lights, Taxiway Lights and PAPI shall comply with the requirements of latest edition of Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Manual of Standards – Aerodromes (MOS Part 139). All of the existing airfield lighting system and associated control of these airfield lighting visual aids shall remain operational during the construction phase.

Master Planning Project

The City of Kagloorlie-Boulder Airport has engaged Regional Airport Management Services (RAMS) to complete the KGI Airport Master Plan. Master Planning ensures that the potential of the available land and the capacity of the airport's runway system and terminal area will be maximized. Airports need a Master Plan to guide their future. infrastructure development in a logical, cost efficient and ensure the airport‘s vision of how the ultimate development potential of the airport could be realized. 

Terminal Advertising Upgrade

The Airport is viewed as the ‘Gateway to the Goldfields’ and creates the first impression of Kalgoorlie-Boulder for travellers as they disembark their aircraft. It is important the airport creates a welcoming and modern atmosphere for all patrons. As Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport continues to recover from Covid and as passengers and flights increase, the aerodrome has commenced the implementation of upgrading the existing static advertising formats and replacing with large commercial digital screens.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport has partnered with Samsung to capture the truly dynamic impact digital advertising can have on target audience reach. As such Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport is pleased to announce two new Samsung LED Displays available for booking from May 2022

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