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The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport has a cutting-edge cashless parking system installed and ready for your convenience. The system offers the ability to pay via cashless e-ticket machines or via the EasyPark mobile app.

What you need to know

Paid parking is now in effect at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport. We’ve installed three new simple-to-use parking meters to take the hassle out of parking at the airport, allowing you to book for periods of up to 24 days.

The EasyPark app, available on the Google Play and Apple stores allow you to book via your phone for periods of up to 14 days. 

Both methods allow you to have a contactless e-ticket stored on your phone.

The first 24 hours are free, but do require you to collect an e-ticket.

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Who needs a parking e-ticket?

Everyone parking at the Airport, whether it's for 5 minutes or over 24 hours, will need to get an e-ticket via the EasyPark app or cashless ticket machines. 

How does the e-ticket work?

Using the EasyPark app:

Download the app and register your vehicle. Select the area you have parked and select your duration. Your e-ticket will be available within the app.

The first 24 hours of parking are free. Charges via the EasyPark app are $16.72 per day thereafter. 

Using the e-ticket machines:

Enter your details and car registration into the parking machines and you can opt to receive your e-ticket by scanning the QR code that appears on the screen.

The first 24 hours of parking are free. Charges via the e-ticket machines are $15 per day thereafter. 

Issued e-tickets are for reference and doesn't need to be displayed on your vehicle dashboard.

About Infringements

The infringement penalty for those who do not obtain an e-ticket is $50 per day.

More Parking Info 

Parking to drop-off and pick-up? - FREE but you need an e-ticket

Parking for the first 24 hours is absolutely free for all vehicles, making it convenient for short trips and pickups. However, whether you are parking for 5 minutes or 24 hours you will still need to obtain an e-ticket from a parking machine or via the EasyPark app.

Accessible Parking

Passenger 2-minute drop and pick up short term parking have priority locations at the front of the terminal. We want everyone to be safe, so follow the signs and park in the right place.

Two-minute Pick-up/ Drop-off Zone – FREE

Located adjacent to the terminal forecourt, these designated bays are for the express hello to drop off or pick up passengers quickly and conveniently right at the terminal – this ‘drop and run’ or ‘pick-up and run’ option is strictly 2 minutes only.

Taxis and rideshare drop off only is in this location.

Short term parking – up to 24 hours - FREE

If you require a little more time with family, friends and workmates, then our short term parking spaces are for you. Located close to the terminal and free 24 hours so you can have a proper welcome or farewell in the terminal which is just a short stroll away.

There’s no need to rush in and out of the airport as we offer parking for short stays with 24 hours free in the designated car park. There’s time to grab a coffee, a bite to eat or takeaway before you hit the road.

Long term parking – Over 24 hours 

For those planning extended trips, you can now book your parking for up to 24 consecutive days in a single booking via the parking machines, or 14 consecutive days via the EasyPark app, giving you peace of mind during your travels. You are encouraged to park in the over-flow parking area to the left hand side as you drive into the Airport parking area.

Parking meter locations

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm just dropping or picking someone up do I still need an e-ticket?

Yes. Whether you are parking for 5 minutes or 24 hours, you still need to obtain an e-ticket.

Your ticket doesn't need to be displayed on the dashboard.

What do the new machines provide?

The NG Meter Parking System is a modernised, user-friendly parking solution at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport that provides convenient and cashless parking for travelers.

When will paid parking at the Airport begin?

Paid parking re-commenced at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport on Monday, 23rd October 2023.

What is the parking infringement?

Infringements are set at $50 per day for those who do not comply with parking regulations.

Please ensure you get an e-ticket at a machine or via the EasyPark app to avoid any penalties.

What are the parking rates?

For the first 24 hours, parking is completely free for all vehicles (e-ticket is still required). After the initial free period, it's $15 per day for parking when purchased through the parking machines, or $16.72 per day if purchased through the EasyPark app.

Can I pay for parking with a mobile app?

Yes! We have just introduced the ability to pay for your parking via the EasyPark app. 

Available through the Google Play and Apple Store, you can park with ease at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport.

Simply download the app, register your vehicle, and select how long you plan to park for. 

Paying through the app is free for the first 24 hours and $16.72 per day thereafter. Paying through the app allows you to pay for up to 14 consecutive days in one booking. 

How frequently are parking inspections conducted?

The City's Rangers Services team conducts daily inspections.

Is accessible parking available and is it free?

Yes, accessible parking is available for visitors who display an ACROD permit, and it's provided free of charge.

Does the overflow car park require a paid e- ticket?

Yes you will need to get a ticket if parking in the overflow car park area.

How do I extend my e-ticket if I need to stay longer?

If you need to extend your stay, it will need to be done via the ticket machine at the Airport or via the EasyPark app. 

Where can I get more information and assistance?

For more information and assistance, you can call the City on 9021 9600 from 8.30am-4.30pm. For after-hours assistance, follow the prompts.

Email enquiries can be sent to


Further information

For further information, please visit the City's website here, or give us a call on (08) 9021 9600. You can also email us at