Car Parking Information

Choose your parking option

Accessible parking, passenger 2-minute drop and pick up and short term parking have priority locations at the terminal front. We want everyone to be safe, so follow the signs and park in the right place.

2 minute Drop-off and Pick up zone – FREE

Located adjacent to the terminal forecourt, these designated bays are for the express hello to drop off or pick up passengers quickly and conveniently right at the terminal – this ‘drop and run’ or ‘pick and run’ option is strictly 2 minutes only.

Taxis and rideshare drop off only is in this location.

Short term parking – up to 24 hours - FREE

If you require a little more time with family, friends and workmates, then our short term parking spaces are for you. Located close to the terminal and free 24 hours so you can have a proper welcome or farewell in the terminal which is just a short stroll away.

There’s no need to rush in and out of the airport as we offer parking for short stays with 24 hours free in the designated car park. There’s time to grab a coffee, a bite to eat or takeaway before you hit the road.

Long term parking – Over 24 hours 

Parking from $15.00 a day (per 24 hours) **Coming soon**