Missing Baggage

For all missing baggage please contact your selected airline or call Menzies Aviation on 08 9093 9500.

Qantas Delayed baggage

If your checked baggage is not available on arrival, you will need to lodge a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) via Qantas delayed baggage self-service portal or proceed to the airport Baggage services counter as soon as possible to lodge a (PIR).

If your bags were checked through for multiple flights and your final airline operator wasn’t Qantas, you’ll need to lodge your report with the airline that operated your final flight.

Virgin Australia Lost Baggage

If lost checked baggage has not been located within seven days, Virgin Australia will commence the claims process. The search for the checked baggage will continue until the bag is found, or the claim reaches determination. Baggage claims for delayed, lost or damaged checked baggage can only be accepted in writing. This form must be printed, completed in full and returned to the applicable address indicated in Section 9 of the form.

For mishandled and/or damaged baggage, download our Baggage Claim Form.

Virgin Australia Lost Property

For items left on board the aircraft or at the boarding gate, please contact your nearest Virgin Australia Baggage Services office.

For items left behind in other areas of the airport, please contact the relevant Airport Lost Property office.

Lost Property & Seized Items 

For all lost property on board the aircraft please contact your selected airline. For lost property within the Main Terminal and Seized Items please email Airport.Operations@ckb.wa.gov.au